The BRICKS Community Foundation Builder Award is awarded to Individuals (or Groups) who continue to exhibit enthusiastic and consistent participation in any of the following criteria over an extended period of time (minimum of 2 years).

— Selfless contributions to the School community and/or the community outside of the school and/or the world community

— Recognized as a respected leader modeling our Catholic values

— Responsible for initiating or improving clubs, activities at St. Greg’s or in their community.

— Responsible for initiating new clubs, activities, etc. or improving them

— Participates or leads parish or other faith activities

— Providing the school with long lasting traditions, legacies or other contributions

— Foundation Builders may be awarded to any staff or community member that is nominated.

These Individuals (or Groups) display the B.R.I.C.K.S. attributes:

Belonging   |    Respect   |    Integrity   |    Character   |    Kindness   |    Service

bricks community foundation builder award checklist

Nominations must include the following to qualify:

1.Complete the Foundation Builder Award nomination form. | Download a copy »

2.Complete a written summary. | Download the details »

Complete a written summary of the nominee's contributions and achievements. This should highlight specific reasons that support the nominee’s impact on the St. Gregory School Community. The summary should not exceed 300 words.

The summary should include answers to the following questions:
a) How will this individual or group be remembered by future St. Gregory Catholic School generations for their contributions?

b) How does this person exemplify the BRICKS categories (Belonging – Respect – Integrity – Character – Knowledge – Service)?

3. List any volunteerism/service this person (group) is involved in outside of the school community.

4. List any awards/recognition this person has already received.

5. Collect two letters of support from other sources (teacher, administration, parent and/or community members).

Recipients of the Foundation Builders Recognition Awards are announced at the end of the school year and are posted permanently on the BRICKS Recognition Wall, and on the school website.

For more information, please contact Tanya Giaquinto or Mr. Pannozzo.