about the B.R.I.C.K.S student recognition award

The BRICKS STUDENT RECOGNITION AWARDS are self nominated and are like no other St Gregory Award. These awards are an annual CSPC iniatitive and is successful only with the participation of the administration and teachers. We encourage all Grade 8s to participate as the focus is understanding the value of volunteering in the community, faith-based activities, school, self development and how volunteering defines character.

In June of each year, the BRICKS STUDENT RECOGNITION AWARDS are awarded to our graduating students in recognition of their outstanding service and contributions to our school and/or our community throughout their elementary school years. These are students who have demonstrated that they continously go "above and beyond" their regular student duties to be involved in the school community and make a positive difference.

These students display the B.R.I.C.K.S. attributes which include:

BELONGING: creating a community/situation where someone feels a part of that place. For instance, making a new student feel welcome in a new classroom.

REPECT: deep admiration for someone or something as a result of their abilities, qualities or achievements. Here we respect others but also ourselves – taking care of our gifts by using them.

INTEGRITY: doing the right thing even when it is not comfortable or nobody is listening or looking. For example, standing up to bullying.

CHARACTER: mental and moral qualities that define who you are from others. For example, honesty, loyal, attentive, devoted, respectful

KINDNESS: it is an inner desire to make us want to do good things even if we do not get anything in return. We are happy to do them.

SERVICE: doing things for others, donating your time to your school, fellow students to help.

They meet the following criteria throughout their journey at St. Gregory Catholic School:

— Participate in "in-school volunteer" activities

— Demonstrate leadership qualities

— Demonstrate a positive attitude toward academic studies

— Demonstrate exceptional effort and exemplary behavior

— Participate enthusiastically in school activities (teams and/or clubs)

— Demonstrate an anti-bullying attitude

— Participate in church and community volunteer opportunities

bricks student recognition award checklist

Nominations must include the following to qualify:

- Student Recognition Award Nomination Form: Download a copy »

- Student Recognition Award Endorsement Form signed by 2 teachers Download a copy »

- Completed supporting essay addressed to the Nomination Evaluation Committee.
This should explain why you believe you should win this award based on the activities you have participated in at St Gregory’s and your impact on the school community, including its impact on your development and your future. The essay should directly support the information submitted in the tracking sheet and not exceed 500 words.

- Completed BRICKS Student Recognition Award Program Tracking Sheet: Download a copy »

For more information, please contact Tanya Giaquinto or Mr. Pannozzo.