Pizza Lunch

The Pizza Lunch Program

Pizza Nova pizza is ordered every second Thursday for the students who participate. If you and your child would like to participate in our pre-order pizza lunch, please fill in the order form that was sent home with your child print out the CURRENT PIZZA ORDER FORM and return it to the office anytime.

Students will receive their pizza lunch in their morning classroom at lunchtime.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There will be NO PEPPERONI PIZZA OPTION this year to help better align St Gregory with the Healthy Foods Act (Memorandum 150) outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education. For more information, email us.

how it works: Students who placed an order will receive their pizza slice(s) in their classroom at lunchtime. NOTE: Glueten free pizza is only delivered to the JK-SK classes. For grade 1 though 8 students who order glueten free pizza, the slices can be picked up in the school lobby at lunch time.

modifying your order or adding a new order: Please email Pizza Lunch Team with your child's name, teacher's name, room # and number of slices to place an order or modify an existing order at any time. Please send form and payment to the school office.

away on pizza lunch day: There will be no credits for missed pizza days. If you know your child will be away that day, the Pizza Lunch Team will be happy to wrap the slice(s) and leave them in the office fridge for pickup. You can also email the Pizza Lunch Team before the lunch to arrange a sibling to pick up the slices. These slices can be picked up in lobby - these will not be delivered to a sibling.

pizza lunch volunteers: The success of the pizza lunch program depends on the involvement of the wonderful volunteers who give their time (one hour, twice a month) to help this run smoothly. If you are interested in becoming involved, please email Pizza Lunch Team for more information. Your help is always appreciated.