About Our Library

Our school library strives to foster the joy of reading, enhance knowledge of information literacy, develop independent lifelong learning, and support the school curriculum. At St. Gregory School, we are fortunate to have a large and welcoming library space.

Our book circulation includes a wealth of fiction and non-fiction titles for pre-primary, primary, junior and intermediate students. Our library collection consists of classic, award winning, graphic, along with new & notable titles. Books are obtained through funds raised at Scholastic Book Fairs, through the support of CSPC, and through gently used, book donations from families in our school community.

Grade 1 to 6 students visit on a regular basis for Book Exchanges and small group Library Literacy periods. Pre-Primary and Primary Book Exchanges help build a foundation for reading and a love of books. Exchanges allow young children a sense of responsibility for borrowing, looking after, and returning a library resource on time. During book exchanges students are encouraged to self-select a fiction or non-fiction book. Children may bring home a book that they may need to have read to them, read along with, or one that they can read on his/her own. This is one of few opportunities where children can make an independent decision. Talk about and praise the book choices! Older students also self-select titles based on personal interest, curriculum themes, etc.

The Library Literacy lessons compliment the curriculum, focusing on areas including: thematic stories, reading strategies, monthly virtues, reading programs, media literacy, and research. The library has 20 computers and an interactive Smart Board, which are used during literacy, technology, media based lessons. Resource materials, both print and electronic, are available for interest, vocabulary, maturity and ability levels of students in the school.

Our school library partners with our neighbouring local public libraries for literacy initiatives during the academic year. Visiting our public library is another wonderful opportunity for fostering literacy. Such visits would complement our schoolís book exchange cycles. Programs and a wide selection of childrenís books & resources are offered.

Our neighbouring libraries are:

Richview Public Library 1806 Islington Ave. 416-394-5120

Eatonville Public Library 430 Burnhamthorpe Rd 416-394-5270

Happy Reading!

Ms. N. Barone, Teacher-Librarian