Library Links to Learning

Support Curriculum learning at home! Completing an assignment? Researching a topic for a project? Needing information from a variety of sources? Looking for links that complement curriculum areas? Research wisely! Access from home 24/7! Go online and type in URL addresses. Don't just "Google" it! Use DATABASES that provide age appropriate, vetted sources to research most subject areas.

Grolier Online

User ID: toroncdsb and Password: toro5988

Go to Grolier Online KIDS (top right corner of screen) for encyclopedias, magazines, web-sites, dictionaries, atlas, etc. (Please note that Grolier has American based content.)


— When at School User ID: tcdsb and Password: tcdsb
— When at Home User ID: s6668690 and Password: p0150075

Go to KIDSSEARCH or SEARCHASAURUS for database to research school subjects, current events, images, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.

Just a Few Other Links to Support Learning

TCDSB Studentlink for all JK-8 subjects including Math, Science, Language:
User ID: dmz\studentlink and Password: 4homeuse

MathvilleUser ID: fun154 and Password: numbers

Nelson Math

Fact Monster

Kids National Geographic

Ms. N. Barone, St. Gregory School Library, 2012/13

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